Airway Transport - Arkas Logistics

Airway Transport - Arkas Logistics

With our customer-specific solutions and strong agency network, we transport your load without any problems.

Air Cargo Transportation - Leading Air Freight Forwarder in Turkey

Arkas Logistics is a leading company in air cargo transportation throughout Turkey. With an annual volume exceeding 11 million kg and an extensive agency & network, Arkas Logistics is a pioneer in the field of air freight forwarding. Providing door-to-door services not only in Turkey but also in 140 countries, Arkas Logistics offers advantageous solutions for import, export, and cross-trade shipments.


Combined Transport Solutions for Speed and Economy


In addition to air services from the Far East to Turkey, Arkas Logistics provides various combined transportation options such as Train + Plane, Sea + Plane, and Road + Plane, delivering fast and cost-effective solutions to customers. Prioritizing transit time sensitivity, Arkas Logistics offers diverse transportation services to reduce costs.


Tailored Air Solutions for Customers


Arkas Logistics offers air charter services for urgent and large-scale shipments. Additionally, the company's expert team provides customized solutions for project shipments. The ETGB Certificate ensures streamlined and fast air cargo services for customers.

Extensive Distribution Network and Value-Added Services

With its office and warehouse in New Jersey, Arkas Logistics ensures efficient distribution of products shipped by air to the United States. The company's wide range of products includes hazardous materials, perishable cargo, and passenger companion small cargo. Arkas Logistics provides customers with added-value services such as wrapping, strapping, and palletizing.


Minivan Service to Europe and Fast Transport Opportunities


For product transportation to Europe, Arkas Logistics offers minivan services tailored to customer needs. The company organizes the transportation of goods from Istanbul Airport to Europe within 48-72 hours, providing a fast and efficient service. With a strong global network and expert team, the company delivers fast, reliable, and cost-effective transportation services with customized logistics solutions.


Global Reach and Flexibility

Air cargo enables urgent cargo to be delivered quickly around the world. Thanks to global networks and flexible transportation options, it offers a fast and efficient logistics solution for emergencies. This allows businesses to effectively manage their worldwide supply chains and meet urgent needs.

Market Expansion and Competitiveness

Fast delivery of urgent cargo by air cargo helps businesses expand their markets and increase their competitiveness. Providing fast and effective logistics solutions to customers increases customer satisfaction and provides access to new markets.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

Fast transportation of urgent cargo by air cargo increases operational efficiency of businesses and reduces costs. Avoiding prolonged delays or losses allows businesses to utilize their resources more effectively and reduce operational costs.

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