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Special Logistics Solutions for Your Company

Arkas Logistics manages heavy tonnage and out-of-gauge transports with a professional team and organizes the international transportation of all kinds of materials without any weight or volume limitations, using a combination of road, rail, sea, river and air transport methods depending on the needs of the project.

For project transportation, which requires creative logistics solutions, flawless operation management, planned transportation activities, we treat each operation as an individual case and try to offer appropriate solutions in accordance with customer needs. In addition, we professionally handle complex tasks such as distribution and handling within the project logistics and transportation activities, which are created in line with the specific demands and needs of the customer.

Transport Methods Suitable for Industries

We deliver the loads to the destination on turnkey basis within the planned time and within the framework of ideal costs for sectors with heavy and bulky loads such as energy, construction, petroleum, mining.

In addition to factory transportation, it has expertise in the transportation of construction machinery, large pipes, construction equipment, generators, turbines, reactors, boilers, towers, cranes, heaters, presses, locomotives, concrete plants, asphalt plants, boats.

Arkas Logistics organizes the pre-transportation, storage, port operations and maritime transport of all types of bulk, bagged, packaged and palletized cargoes such as iron ore, grain, rebar and cement. Arkas Logistics offers cargo transportation services for large volumes of cargo that cannot fit in containers, bulk cargo transportation and combined transport models for similar cargoes.

Arkas Logistics also provides charter services for both part-cargo and full cargoes, offering alternative transportation types for different sectors and products.

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