Our experience in seaway transportation goes back many years.

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Offering order tracking, cargo departure, arrival and delay notification and online reporting services.

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Barcoding, labeling, pick & pack, damage and quality control, consolidation, loading and shipment organization

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We reduce our carbon footprint by specializing in maritime transportation.

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Services and Business Models

Arkas Logistics is one of Turkey's leading forwarder companies in the maritime transportation sector with an annual business volume of more than 100,000 TEU. With sales offices in Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Mersin, Ankara, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Samsun, Samsun, Trabzon and Bandirma, Arkas Logistics emphasizes face-to-face communication with its customers and prioritizes contactless operations through its digital investments, making the process from booking to the empty return of the container traceable via digital platforms.

With special freight and space agreements with shipowners, it stands out as a successful logistics company that both complies with its commitments to shipowners and offers economic and optimum solutions to its customers.

Logistics Network and Warehousing Services

With its strong and extensive agency & network network, it provides door-to-door services in 140 countries and offers advantageous opportunities in 3rd Country (Cross-Trade) transportation as well as import and export demands of its customers. It offers value-added services such as damage control, barcoding, labeling, pick & pack, consolidation in contracted overseas warehouses. It offers its customers the ability to follow the process from the acceptance of their cargo to the final destination through its digital products.

Arkas Logistics, which also provides control tower services, offers its customers supply chain optimization, milk-run planning, order management and data generation based on real-time information by providing end-to-end logistics solutions in 140 countries with a single contact.

Private Transportation and Insurance Services

In addition to standard transportation services, depending on the characteristics of your cargo, Arkas Insurance, Arkas Holding's insurance company, provides full assurance for sea, land, air and rail transportation with special equipment (Flatrack, Opentop, Reefer, Flexitank). Within the scope of this service, Arkas Insurance covers its customers' goods against all kinds of damages during the processes of waiting in warehouses, loading and unloading. 

Arkas Logistics not only offers transportation alternatives suitable for all types of goods that can be transported in containers, but also implements special transportation and service solutions for ready-to-wear and retailing, ceramics, marble, mining, glass, chemicals, plastics and packaging, food and automotive products, and engages in optimization and business development activities for its customers' supply chains.

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