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Arkas Logistics Fleet and Services

Arkas Logistics is one of the logistics companies with the largest vehicle fleet in Turkey with 500 tow trucks, 5 trucks and 550 trailers in its own asset pool. With garages in Istanbul, Kocaeli, Izmir, Bursa, Izmir, Bursa, Tekirdag, Tekirdag, Samsun, Mersin, Gaziantep and Iskenderun, Arkas Logistics provides sustainable inland transportation services to its customers with both its own assets and contracted supplier trucks. 

With nearly 400 contracted suppliers under its organization, it is capable of FTL distribution in 81 provinces and delivers its customers' domestic deliveries to all parts of Turkey with its tilt and open trailer vehicles.

Service Diversity

Arkas Logistics provides international road transportation services with its own fleet of C2-listed vehicles and a network of contracted suppliers. Arkas Logistics builds road bridges between Turkey and Eastern Europe, Central Asia (Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan) and Ukraine, and facilitates third country transportation between these countries. 

Arkas Logistics also provides minivan services to Europe through its contracted suppliers and has reduced its door delivery service to Europe to 48-72 hours, responding to the urgent needs of its customers.

With its 550 trailers of different types such as Sidelifter, Tipping, Genset, etc., Arkas Logistics offers customized transportation services to many customers and sectors.

With Sidelifter equipment, it provides loading and unloading of containers without the need for ramps and cranes.

With Tipping chassis vehicles, it ensures that the products coming in the liner bag are transferred directly to the Silo untouched.

Special Equipment Services

Arkas Logistics enables the transportation of imported and exported reefer containers at the desired temperature level thanks to its wide fleet of trailers with generators.

With its fleet of vehicles equipped with "dumper" equipment, Arkas Logistics carries out the transportation and loading of container loads (bulk metal, scrap, paper, etc.) that need to be unloaded in bulk. 

Arkas Logistics, which has Global and Comprehensive Guarantees for domestic transit transportation, offers its customers guarantees for transportation from one internal customs to another internal customs, from internal customs to border customs, from border customs to internal customs and from border customs to another border customs within the scope of the Transit regime.

Digital Investments

With digital investments, Arkas offers its customers the advantages of vehicle tracking and contactless operations.

Through AR-TIM (Arkas Technology Monitoring Center), the company can track vehicles via GPS and provides its customers with instant speed, route and location tracking. With in-cab cameras, the company is able to record the cargo and the vehicle's safety. 

Through AR-CELL, the reservation details of the cargo are transmitted to the drivers' phones via the application, and the internal transportation service is accelerated and monitored with address and navigation support. 

With the YYS (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate), the Company offers its customers convenience and privileges in customs procedures and contributes to the acceleration of import and export processes.

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