U.S.A - Arkas Logistics

U.S.A - Arkas Logistics


We are at your service in the USA with our own office and warehouse!

With our experienced team and high technology infrastructure, we ensure that you transfer your cargo to the final address smoothly and efficiently with our complete or partial transportation services. We are your solution partner for all your needs with a reliable and streamlined transshipment process.

We provide end-to-end logistics services with our own established offices in Turkey and the USA, and offer solutions for all your needs with our strong shipowner relationships, expert and dedicated customer service.

America Warehouse

Our warehouse in the U.S. is only a 15-minute drive from New York City and major ports, providing a major logistical and transportation advantage. With our logistics center in New Jersey/New York, we offer fast and cost-effective transshipment services for your operations from Chicago and Detroit in the mid-east of America to Virginia in the south. We can also provide cross-docking and shipping services directly from Secaucus, New Jersey, as needed. 

Thanks to our 30,000 sqft indoor storage capacity with temperature-controlled, racking systems and state-of-the-art WMS installations, you too can export with Arkas Logistics assurance.

Arkas Logistics is at Your Side for Your Warehouse Needs in America!


With our maritime freight transportation service, we provide weekly partial services to 72 different domestic destinations from Istanbul and Izmir to New York. We provide FTL / LTL transportation from New York to every region of the USA with our highway service.


With our air transportation service and our expert team, we manage your shipments between Turkey and America on a daily basis and provide delivery from warehouse to warehouse.

General Information About U.S.A.

Spanning 4,500 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west, the United States borders Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. The United States has 2 states that are far from the mainland. The first of these is Alaska, the largest state of the United States in terms of surface area and the lowest in terms of population density, which was purchased from Russia in 1867 for 7.2 million US dollars. The other is Hawaii, an archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean, 3,200 kilometers from the mainland.