Sustainable Logistics

As part of our ‘Green Logistics’ policy, we endeavour to contribute to the preservation of our environment, and minimise the adverse effect of our operations on the environment.
With personnel trainings and continuous improvement, we are increasing the awareness and minimising pollution while also ensuring that we are completely prepared for any emergency cases thanks to our Sustainable Environment Management System, which constantly evaluates potential risks and opportunities and is ISO14001:2015 certified.
As part of our Sustainable Logistics vision, we;

  • We focus on the modes railroad and sea in multimodal transport to minimise our carbon footprint;
  • By constantly monitoring the level of the green gas emission caused by our land transport operations, we are working to prevent our effect from keeping up with our business volume and service network, which are growing apace;
  • We are reducing our energy consumption in all of our offices and operational units; With the green office projects we design, we are taking measures to minimise our consumption of water, electricity and natural resources;
  • Attaching great importance to recycling, we are training our personnel on waste management and reuse of resources, enabling them to also embrace the green logistics approach;
  • As we prioritise the public health and the preservation of the environment above everything else, we are taking preventive measures and ensure that our suppliers follow suit.