Arkas Logistics Customer Relations Management

Adopting a customer-oriented management approach, Arkas Logistics invests in line with the customer needs and expectations to constantly improve the service quality, thus the customer satisfaction levels. In order to keep abreast of changing needs and new expectations, we adopt the optimum human resource management approach and identify the critical points through process development in all areas including sales, operations and finance. With our Customer Relations Management methods, which includes customer feedback collection and constant efforts towards the enrichment of the customer experience, we aim to ensure the sustainability of the satisfaction of our customers.

In this regard, we; 
 - assess the customer satisfaction through surveys, visits, complaint management, etc.;
-  monitor how the strategic decisions taken affect customer satisfaction;
- project the potential aspects that might give rise to customer complaints;
- convey studies to identify the customer expectations;
- identify the fields to be improved to increase customer satisfaction;
- generate projects towards the accomplishment of the objectives set by the executive management with regards the identified areas of development.

Aiming to establish strong, long-term relationships with our customers, we are also acting as a bridge among them, creating an alternative platform of communication.

Customer Segmentation:  Following the initial customer segmentation carried out at the beginning of each year, the segments are updated in the second half based on the strategical changes in the customer base.

Customer Visits: In addition to the regular visits made by the sales teams, the Customer Relations Management Department pays visits not only to fortify the relationships with the customers and stay up to date on their needs and expectations, but also to identify the areas where the company may enter into alternative or new collaborations.  The feedback collected through customer visits is shared and evaluated systematically with the participation of the respective business units.
Customer Feedback Management: By analysing the customer feedback, the root causes of any problems are identified and measures are taken for the prevention of the recurrence of the problem. Customer feedback is collected via e-mail ( or Arkas Holding Blue Line mail address, customer visits, web forms and surveys, as well as telephone calls to the call centre. Support tickets, which are distributed among the teams, are solved and closed within the predefined times (two workdays for complaints).
Call Centre Management: The quote requests, suggestions and any inquiries made to our call centre are entered onto our system and assigned to respective teams depending on the required action. Our call centre agents are also calling customers on regular basis to collect data to foresee the changes in the needs and expectations, as well as to promote our service.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys: We are keeping our finger on pulse of our customers through online or phone surveys, conducted from time to time to respond immediately to any customer need or complaint that may arise.